Since launching this IdleBird adventure a few years back, I've been the fortunate recipient of some hard earned lessons. 

These come in all forms and sizes . From the ins and outs of designing, pattern-making to sourcing and managing production. From the importance of marketing, social media to surrounding yourself with the best people. From living with chaos and sleeplessness to enjoying the big wins. 

But the biggest lesson learnt is probably that no matter how hard you bust yourself, you are never going to please everyone.  Each customer, supplier, adviser, friend and family member has an opinion, which isn't always going to be the same as yours. And this is great. 

I've learnt to take the best parts of their opinions, mix it in with a dose of my intuition and creative spark and then make the final decision. And that is the bravest part of all. 

So watch out for the next 16/17 Summer Collection. This is my brewing pot of opinions, ideas and decisions for the next installment of the IdleBird upf50+ Fashion label.

Fingers crossed you'll agree!!