I ask you....is there any better feeling than one you get post a good de-clutter? Like doing a juice cleanse after New Year's, the spring clean has become an obligatory way to prepare the mind and soul to tackle the last few months of the year. 

Science aside - although I'm sure there are results available - the sense of well-being and lightweighted-ness (not a word) is akin to a good dose of vitamins or a beach-mini break. 

So my tips for a fully rewarding spring clean are:

Plan ahead - have nothing else scheduled, no-one else around the second guess your judgement and leave yourself twice the amount of time that you thought you'd need. 

Prep your space - cue your favourite tunes, sunlight if you can get it and a easy exit to carry out the bags full of unwanted goods.

Memorise the mantra - There is only one question you need ask yourself "does this thing make me happy".

Commit to a Game Plan - What is going where? Who gets what? Distribute your goodies asap, the longer they lie around the more likely they'll sneak back where you found them

Remember, a spring clean takes its name from the season of renewal - out with the old and in with the new. So, embrace the space you've created and think wisely on how to fill it next.......some new IdleBird perhaps??